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Catering Menus

Click here to View a PDF of Colorado State University’s Lory Caterings bar and catering menu.


Lory Catering delivers the best experience possible for our guests of Colorado State University by the students of Colorado State University.

Colorado State University’s Lory Catering Stands Out Among Event Catering Companies in Northern Colorado

Lory Catering provides exemplary food and beverage service to the entire campus community and their guests. When available the department utilizes green products and locally sourced foods. Both the professional staff and student employees are dedicated to creating the finest and most memorable dining experiences at affordable prices.

Lory Catering — a member of the Colorado State University System — is proud to help you plan your next banquet, reception, or company meeting. One sustaining quality shared within the CSU community is its skilled team of professionals. Committed to customer service, Lory Student Center Catering takes pride in its work. Our staff members will treat your function as if it were their own. Combining our team of specialists with the finest facilities and amenities will make the difference between an ordinary catering event and an organized, high-end occasion. Lory Student Center Catering is by the students of Colorado State University, and for the community of northern Colorado.

Our talented consultants are pleased to design an event to meet all your needs within your budget. We are dedicated to providing that personal touch, which ensures your event, will be unique. Our extensive menu offers pre-designed choices or the flexibility to create your own distinctive event.

For more information about catering services, please contact us at 970-491-5332.

Professional Food Service Oversight

We strive to provide top notch service and food that is unrivaled by our competitors, while still keeping our services affordable. We do our part to protect the world as we know it by utilizing green products and locally sourced foods, when available.


Lory Catering

At Lory Catering, we combine a team of talented specialists and professionals in a world-class facility. Surrounded by dedicated student staff pursuing a career in food service, our chefs use the most contemporary tools in the region’s most innovative kitchen space.

We take a tremendous amount of pride in our work. One sustaining quality, shared within the CSU community that we serve, is a commitment to providing outstanding customer service at a level of professionalism that is unparalleled. Our catering staff will treat your next catering event as if it were their own.

Our catering team will transform an ordinary event into a memorable, high-end occasion with professional and quality service.


Catering Services


We will work with you to ensure proper event staffing and product availability.

Contact a Lory Catering Concierge with your requests at least ten business days prior to your next event.


Most food and beverage prices include table linens, flatware, and dishes*.

White linens may be available for an additional charge when not included in the cost of your menu.


Prices are published here. Additional charges may apply for special requests*.

Catering prices are subject to change. We can customize menus that are subject to special pricing and availability.


Standard centerpiece includes a mirror tile, three candles, and a color napkin.

Custom centerpieces must be supplied by the client. Catering staff can assist in placing centerpieces on tables.


For health and safety reasons, leftovers are not permitted to removed.

Leftover food is the property of the Lory Student Center and will be donated to the local Food Bank of Larimer County.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimal amount of food provided2017-03-28T20:57:53-06:00

The minimum amount is dependent upon your final count. The final count is needed 72 business hours (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday) prior to the event. This also determines the minimum charges that we can bill you for. Counts received after this period will be left up to the Head Chef and Catering Director.

Increases may be accepted, however, decreases will not be accommodated. We cannot credit your bill if guests who have made RSVP do not attend the event.

How much food do you provide for each guest?2017-03-28T20:57:37-06:00

Buffets: Approximately 10% additional to allow for seconds

A la Carte, Box Lunches, Plated Entrees: Only the specific amount ordered will be provided for your event.

How many cups are in a gallon?2017-03-28T20:56:24-06:00

16 eight-ounce cups are in one gallon. Catering provides various sizes of china mugs, paper, or plastic cups with each of our various beverages allowing approximately 16 servings per gallon.

Is there a standard menu depending on the time of day?2017-03-28T20:56:32-06:00

Each customer creates their own unique menu based on the needs of their guests and style of meeting. Generally, morning fare consists of hot coffee, refreshing fruits, and sweet rolls, while afternoon tastes may call for lemonade, sodas, and trail mix with chocolate.

When can I expect to be invoiced for catering services?2017-03-28T20:56:40-06:00

Catered event billing occurs post event due to last minute changes or unexpected guests. An invoice is mailed about 3 – 5 business days after the event. Deposits are always appreciated to off-set the initial costs of food and or beverage products for your event. Full payment is collected one week after receipt of the invoice.

What is the average cost for catering?2017-03-28T20:56:48-06:00

We offer a wide array of menu items at various prices. Most lunches range from $9 – $15 (pricing includes a light dessert). Most dinners range from $15 – $20 (pricing includes a light dessert).

Menus may or may not include dessert with the entrée items; if it is not included, please see the ‘Dessert’ menu for various choices. Arrangements can be made for clients experiencing budgeting constraints.

Is the bar open at University Club?2017-03-28T20:59:46-06:00

All alcohol is served by Catering and must also be arranged in conjunction with food service. The University Club is available for members to host private events. You may reserve it through the Event Planning Office. No alcohol may be brought into the Lory Student Center, as we hold a full State Liquor License.

Full compliance with the liquor license requires we provide a bartender to ensure service to legally-aged people.

Can you accommodate my setup and audio-visual needs?2017-03-28T20:55:53-06:00

Catering can only assist you with those needs that arise from the table cloth up. Please call the Event Planning Office at 491-0229 for available rental space, table layouts, and equipment that can be used or rented.

Are my menu choices applied to all guests or do they have choices?2017-03-28T20:58:22-06:00

All menu choices are decided on prior to the day of the event. In the case of buffets with multiple entrée choices, the person making the arrangements for the party decides what everyone will have to eat.

This is also the case when ordering a plated entrée for a sit-down meal that has multiple sauces. Special accommodations can be arranged under certain circumstances and is still left up to Catering’s discretion

Can you accommodate meals for guests with specific dietary needs?2017-03-31T14:09:19-06:00

We are able to provide various meals designed to meet special diets such as mild gluten intolerances, lactose intolerance, diabetics, and vegans. We are unable to provide meals to individual tastes and cannot accommodate personal preferences.

Can additional food be made for unexpected guests?2017-03-28T20:56:08-06:00

In most cases, yes, but it may not be one of the entrees on your predetermined menu. Likewise, it is up to the chef’s discretion whether or not a non-vegetarian meal is provided.

The Food Court located on the Main level of the LSC may also be utilized in the event that Catering cannot provide additional entrees during emergency situations. This situation rarely occurs for buffet style food service due to the ‘unlimited’ connotation that buffet implies.

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